Benefits & advantages of AXAL® Pro

Benefit from AXAL® Pro salt tablets

Lime causes spots, deposits and the so-called lime erosion.
The best solution is a water softener and AXAL® Pro salt tablets to guarantee its reliable operation.

AXAL® Pro salt tablets let you profit from all of the advantages of soft water.

Function of the salt tablet

Salt tablets not only are an important operating material for the regeneration of your water softener, but they also have influence on function and service life of the device. How AXAL® Pro works in a water softener How well your water softener works does not depend just on the reliability of the technician who advises you. Your water softener's performance is significantly influenced by the quality of the salt used for regeneration. So make the right decision. The easiest, safest and most often used process for producing soft water is ion exchange.

What is a water softener?

These water softeners are technically sophisticated devices whose active components consist of an ion exchange resin to create soft water. The ion exchange resins replace the water’s hardeners (calcium and magnesium ions) with sodium ions. Once the resins are saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, they become inactive. To reactivate the ion exchange resin, it is treated with a sodium chloride solution. This solution is obtained by dissolving AXAL® Pro salt tablets. Here the exchange process is reversed, and the ion exchange resin is reloaded with sodium ions. This process is known as regeneration.

Quality of tablets

AXAL® Pro — the preferred salt tablet

When water softening systems break down, it’s expensive.

AXAL® Pro salt tablets developed by esco guarantee flawless operation of your ion exchanger system, thanks to their perfect characteristics.

AXAL® Pro salt tablets exceed the requirements set for regeneration salts in EN 14805 Type 1 and EN 973 Type A:

Purity - for high-capacity regeneration and long softener life
AXAL® Pro salt tablets consist of ultrapure vacuum salt with sodium chloride content of at least 99.9 percent.

Solubility - no residue in the salt-dissolving container
AXAL® Pro salt tablets’ great purity and solubility eliminate ion exchange resin malfunctions and blocked valves, and they ensure the resin’s ion exchange capacity.

Unsoluble elements content: less than 0,01% guaranteed!

Shape - no salt clumping in the dissolving container
AXAL® Pro salt tablets’ specific shape and surface guarantee fast formation of a saturated brine and the right circulation of solution.

The patented shape allows optimal solubility.

Stability - no salt mass forms at the bottom of the salt container
AXAL® Pro salt tablets are produced with uniform pressure, which ensures controlled solubility.

If intervals between regenerations are long, the moisture of the salt solution can get into the tablets lying higher up. This can lead to the formation of a compact mass that affects circulation of the salt solution. Fine particles in the salt container intensify this process.